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We’re here to make your life easier when placing advertising.
Benefits of MP1
MP1 is operated by the Michigan Press Association, which was founded in 1868 and represents nearly 300 Michigan newspapers and their digital products and we place ads in 300-plus other media outlets. Our staff has more than 20 years of experience in the newspaper advertising placement industry.
Rates & Discounts
MP1 can place any qualified or contract rate.
Quick Turnaround
MP1 understands that clients do not always plan schedules weeks in advance. We can take the stress off of you and notify media outlets immediately.
Reach – including Nationwide Access
MP1 can target all media, anywhere in the country…all with ONE call.
Research Assistance
MP1 can research markets based on zip codes, market penetration, geographic or demographic information.
Save $$
Some of our services are paid for by our members, not by you. MP1 is here to help you save time and money.
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